I,Victim Corbus Films presents an Interactive Extreme Horror Movie! Three people down on their luck get the opportunity of a life time. All they have to do is survive the killing grounds of six sadistic serial killers. Who will live? Who will die? YOU DECIDE! That's the synopsis for local Filmmaker Damon Merchant's upcoming horror film titled, "I, Victim." The film is being released by Corbus Films on October 14th, 2016 at Emagine Novi. The entire film was produced in Michigan with Michigan talent. This is the thrill ride you've been waiting for! Be warned: Only fans of extreme horror will appreciate the carnage that will be seen on screen. All others will tuck tail and run. Finally, a film for the mature viewer. No kids allowed due to the film's extreme explicit sexual and graphic content. Horror films are so predictable and frustrating. You scream at the movie in hopes that the victim on screen will hear you. You tell your friends what you would do if that were you in the movie. You always knew who was going to die and who was going to live. These are problems that have plagued horror films for decades. Well, problem solved. This film introduces an exciting new genre to horror using patent-pending technology. Who lives? Who dies? YOU decide. YOU control the action on screen. That's right. For the first time in cinema history, the audience is in charge. You won't be screaming at the movie. You'll be screaming at other members of the audience. Executive Producer, Lortensia Merchant of Corbus Films encourages this interaction between audience members. After all, the theater experience was always meant to be a social event. Whatever decision you make will dramatically change the film. This means that you could see the movie 10 times and get a wildly different experience each time. Don't miss this historical theatrical ground-breaking event! Remember, YOU DECIDE!

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This film is not rated - Mature Audiences Only!

This film contains explicit language, graphic scenes and sexual content.

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 Cast & Crew



Intro Voiceover - Star Luna

Woman in the Woods - Andree De Villers

Naly - Naly Warah

Psychiatrist - Kai Hayes

Viktor's Assistant - Abby Bednorek

Josh - Josh Bonello

Jamie - Ashley Croft

News Reporter - Mary Mac

Mayor - David C. Bowers

Viktor Ikon - Damon Merchant

DeLynn Merchant - Deborah Freeman

Victoria Deth - Kim Sinical

Penelope Poopenheim - Mari Stewart

Sandman - Damon Merchant

White Suit - Jim Weyand

Clown - Yesop Gerg 7981

Little Clown - Sylvia Saco

Woman in Basement - Erika Mayshawn Harbin

Sexy Death - Becky Bryant

Electrician - Brian Merchant

Cannibal - Lortensia Merchant

Josh's Girlfriend - Lori Mulligan

Little Kid - Marco Floyd, II

Scientist - Srini Raju Dhenuvakonda

Nurse - Mandee Manciel

Man Under The Stairs - Oscar BigOx Brown

Sign Language Woman - Raye Taken

Male Thing - Anthony Carr

Female Thing - Marilee McCarthy



Dorothy Merchant - Dortensia Harris - Bria Harris

Raven Becerra - Shana Merchant - Kathy Hinton

Felicia Bowers - Justin Freeman - Jordan Freeman

Loreta Schafer - Alexis Cuff - Dennis Mickels



Executive Producer - Lortensia Merchant

Story/Screenplay - Damon Merchant

Director - Damon Merchant

Assistant Director - Lortensia Merchant

Assistant Director - Mari Stewart

Director of Cinematography - Damon Merchant

Secondary Camera Operator - Will Lee

Tertiary Camera Operator - Joe Street

Grip/Gaffer - Brian Merchant

Grip - Matthew Cooney

Script Supervisor - Mari Stewart

Wardrobe Supervisor - Lortensia Merchant

Location Scout - Lortensia Merchant

Visual Effects/Animation/Editor - Damon Merchant



Special Effects Supervisor - Damon Merchant

1st Special Effects Assistant - Lortensia Merchant

2nd Special Effects Assistant - Kai Hayes



Supervising Sound Editor/Mixer - Pen Jackson

Sound Editor - Damon Merchant

Sound Editor - Denad Wade

Sound Effects Designer - Chris Hodges

Dialogue Editor - Sarah Streit

Foley Artist - Darrin Williams

Sound mixed at Echo Zeta Sound Design Lab

Sands of Time (Scorch Album) - Russ Meuchel



Marketing/Promotions  - Deborah Freeman

Social Media - Sukara Jenkins

Graphic Design - Sean Deason

Graphic Design - Pen Jackson


Paintings by Mari Stewart


Damon Merchant has been writing and producing for Corbus Films, a Michigan based independent film production company, since the premiere of their first full-length feature thriller, "23232 Merchant Street" in 2010 produced by Lortensia Merchant.  Their primary genres are Horror and Sci-Fi.  They have since participated in several 48-hour film competitions, producing three award-winning films for the “48 Hour Film Project” and “Motor City Nightmares.”  Now with the launch of Damon's patent pending interactive technology he has taken the social media experience back into the seats of the movie theaters.  Moviegoers can interact with their mobile devices and make choices for their screen characters!


For more information about interactive movies, interviews or schedule an event, please contact deborah@corbusfilms.com.


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Showtimes and Upcoming Events SHOWTIMES Emagine Novi - Showtime 9:00PM OCT. 14-15 OCT. 21-22 OCT. 28-29 Twelve Mile Crossing at Fountain Walk 44425 Twelve Mile Rd, Novi, MI 48377 UPCOMING EVENTS Motor City Nightmares Horror Expo & Film Festival SEPT. 16-17-18 2016 NOVI SHERATON 21111 Haggerty Road, Novi, MI Dropzone Fury Road to Thunderdome The Mad Max Cosplay Event OCT. 8, 2016 Tangent Gallery Detroit/Hasting Street Ballroom 715 Milwaukee Ave, Detroit, MI 48202




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