Corbus Films is an independent film production company based in Michigan. We have the talent and team to fulfill all stages of the film making development process from creative concept, scriptwriting, production and post-production to deliver quality feature films. Our primary genres are horror and sci-fi with a unique specialty in “Interactive” Film technology developed by Damon Merchant. This patent-pending interactive technology enables theatrical audiences to interact with the movie via their mobile devices thus enabling them to make choices to impact the outcome of the film.

As a fairly young film company on the rise, Corbus films team has held years of experience in information technology, entertainment (radio/film/publishing/modeling), film/audio production, marketing and promotions. Since the premiere of the first full-length feature thriller, "23232 Merchant Street" in 2010 produced by Lortensia Merchant, we have since participated in several 48-hour film competitions, producing three award-winning films for the “48 Hour Film Project” and “Motor City Nightmares.”

Now with the experimental test screening of our new horror film, “I,Victim – INTERACTIVE” our innovative company is ready to partner and expand to a wider audience.

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Corbus Films presents:

"I, Victim"
An interactive horror film experience

Three people down on their luck agree to enter an eccentric billionaire's diabolical game of life and death. Can these potential victims survive the sadistic levels of six serial killers?
Who Lives? Who Dies? YOU Decide!


Special Screenings at Emagine - Novi October 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29

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